Welcome to our Modern & Minimalist Wallets collection. Here you will find super slim wallets built with high quality materials. Multiple also feature RFID protection. This is so that nobody will be able to scan credit cards for information. These modern wallets are inspired by the minimalist movement, which is the current trend in wallets now and for the foreseeable future. Our most popular item in this collection is our Futuristic RFID Wallet. For this wallet, there is even an option for a bottle opener to be attached to the grooves! We also offer a very small wallet made out of aluminum that also features RFID protection. Or, go upscale with our genuine leather and aluminum minimalist RFID wallet and it will have him ready to take on the world in modern style.
Futuristic RFID Wallet | Money Clip
Durable but lightweight, this Futuristic RFID Wallet adjusts to hold 1-15 cards in style and can even optionally...
Aluminum Minimalist RFID Wallet
This Aluminum RFID Wallet may be the absolute best version of a minimalist wallet available today! This is...
Modern Minimalist Money Clip Wallet
Modern & slim, this Minimalist Money Clip Wallet is designed with sleek aluminum and PU leather. The perfectly-sized...
Genuine Leather & Aluminum Minimalist RFID Wallet
Durable but lightweight, this Minimalist RFID Wallet holds up to 8 cards plush cash in a modern minimalist style. Also...
The Big Minimalist RFID Wallet
Big and minimalist? It can be done! This fashion wallet has pockets tucked in so efficiently that it...
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