At Way Up Gifts nothing is more important than developing a meaningful, trusting relationship with each individual we connect with. As of January 1st, 2019, we are now providing a 45-day-money-back guarantee on or after this date for eligible returns that meet the requirements of the 7 policies below.


Returns, Refunds and Cancellations


1. Policy #1: Orders outside the 45-day timeline described below are no longer eligible for returns or refunds.

Our 45 day money back guarantee lasts exactly 45 days from the purchase date for orders that arrive within 15 days. For orders that arrive 16 or more days after the order date, a 30-day time period is applied beginning on the date the tracking information states the package(s) was delivered. The time period ends the date we receive your message requesting or notifying us of the return. If we never receive this message, the time period ends the date the return arrives back to us in our Pittsburgh location.
2. Policy #2: Item(s) must be brand new & unused to be eligible for returns.

3. Policy #3: Because they are customized products, personalized & engraved gifts cannot be returned or refunded but may be replaced under policy #4.
4. Policy #4: Our replacement policy described below applies to all orders that arrive with a defective item(s).
    Replacement(s) are sent in the case that an item arrives defective, which must be confirmed by sending customer support evidence through photo(s) and/or a video(s). Replacement part(s) are sent once customer support confirms the defect(s) and a 10% discount is applied to the order for the delay in receiving a working product.
    5. Policy #5: The information described below applies to all returns covered under policies #1-#3 but that do not involve policy #4.
    Eligible returns can be sent to:

    82 Seneca Dr 
    Pittsburgh, PA 15228
    United States

    Include order information in/on the package (order number or shipping/billing address at the least) and/or ship with tracking information for us to correctly match the original order with the return.
     Item cost(s) are refunded for all eligible returns. If applicable, order shipping charges are not refunded. All returns for orders $100+ (excluding shipping) are subject to a $20 restocking fee.

    6. Policy #6: Re-shipments for returns received that are ineligible for refunds are paid by the purchaser.

    7. Policy #7: Customer support will always try their best to meet a cancellation request as soon as one is read, but an order cannot be cancelled after shipment due to the following reasons:

      1. There is a delay in time from a customer's request to cancel and customer support's act of reading the message.
      2. There is not currently a solution to efficiently acquire cancellation fees from customers that most shipping-carriers impose.