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  • Suitable for most car door seals, providing excellent sealing and sound insulation.
  • High quality rubber material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, with good water and dust function
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance are provided for long-life use

Item type: car door seal
Material: ethylene propylene rubber
Function: seal, sound insulation
Application: door
Features: waterproof, anti fouling, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
Size: 5m (L)
Bar type: "U" shape

Sealing is an important indicator of vehicle quality, U-shaped seal,
very good to achieve full encirclement package.
It is widely used in the car before and after the windshield, doors, windows, launch cabin, trunk and other body parts
to fill the gap between the body parts,
with shock, water, dust, noise, decoration and other functions,
And the vehicle now plays a maintenance role.
Corrosion resistance, anti-aging,
high and low temperatures of +80 ℃ ~ -45 ℃ does not cause deformation or brittle cracks (long service life).
To ensure that the car inside and outside is waterproof, dust, noise, heat, & vibration resistant and has an appealing decorative effect
Applicable to all kinds of doors, windows, etc., simple and convenient, very practical.
Comes with double-sided adhesive,
Can be directly pasted (the surface must be smooth, clean, and dry)
To prevent the side of the body by foreign abrasions or bruises,
it also plays a protective role.
installation steps

Comes with double-sided adhesive, can be directly pasted (the surface must be smooth, clean, and dry)

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