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Hottest Gifts for Him

Hottest Gifts for Him

Crocodile wallets, Personalized neon light signs, and an engraved BBQ set are just some of our hottest products for men.


Brighten Your Life with our LED Neon Light Signs!

All types of signs for business & home.

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Top Gifts for Her

Top Gifts for Her

A Personalized Passport Holder, Quote & Phrases neon signs & Exotic Clutch Purses are just some of our hottest products for women.

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Hottest Kid Gifts

Hottest Kid Gifts

Our High-Tech Segway Hoverboards are the #1 Gift for Kids & Teens. Also, find Giant Stuffed Animals, RC cars & more in this collection.

Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts

A new collection for infants & babies including bath seat cushions and shoes & slippers. Help make a new parent's life that much easier with one of these fantastic items.


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Way Up Gifts is a fast growing company focused on Excellence! We connect our customers with the Best products from Exclusive businesses at the deepest discounts. We are growing rapidly because we pride ourselves in Excellent products, Excellent prices, Excellent customer service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee with easy 30 day money back returns. A trusted shopping experience has always been our goal, and we pride ourselves in our security and comprehensive policies that have put us in a realm above and beyond any competitors. At Way Up Gifts we believe in passing along these discounted sale prices to our customers, typically saving them 30-50% off of retail costs.

Our Company is built on four core principles:
Excellent Products
Excellent Prices
Excellent Customer Service
A Fast, Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

We believe that serving our customers entails a responsibility to ensure that they are satisfied with their purchases. Only by doing our best to make sure that our customers are always happy can we continue the unprecedented growth of our company and ensure its continued prosperity in the future. 

We're glad you've found your way to the online store that's known not only for deep discounts but also for our top-notch customer service. We hope you'll be back often and spread the word about our company! Connect with us today and see the Way Up Gifts difference.


Product category list:
Exclusive LED neon light signs
Personalized and engraved gifts
Exotic leather goods (crocodile, stingray & python)
Big & giant stuffed animals
Remote control RC products
High-tech segways
Dollhouse DIY kits
Dog decor pillows (photo prints)
Baby footwear & bath support cushions
Inflatable bounce houses & water slides
Bamboo furniture & gifts
Unique round area rugs
Traditional neon signs


Business Products

We are Much More than a Gift Shop! Business LED neon light signs are a staple of Way Up Gifts.

Latest blog posts

Top Christmas Gifts for Boys 2018

Top Christmas Gifts for Boys 2018

It is now mid-October and the holiday season is nearly in full-swing. Here at Way Up Gifts, we have already begun running enormous sales for the holiday season. In this brief article, we will go over our top Christmas gifts for boys for the 2018 holiday season. You may be surprised at some of these unique items, and we hope this list inspires you in your search for the perfect gift for your kid(s) this season.

1. Big & Giant Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Dinosaur T Rex

31.5" Big Stuffed Dinosaur Plush Toy (T Rex), just $64.24

Big & giant stuffed animals are an excellent gift for younger boys. As you can see in the photo above, our stuffed dinosaurs are one of our most popular stuffed animals. Boys love dinosaurs for whatever reason, and these stuffed dinosaurs spark boys' creativities and imagination. You can view our full collection of big & giant stuffed animals here.

2. Bounce Houses & Slides

Bounce house

Inflatable Ball Pit Bounce House & Slide Castle, just $544.21

 Bounce houses are certainly one of the best Christmas gifts for boys. This is because it can help a parent save a lot of time while their child plays on the inflatable for hours. No more having to go to parks all the time while your son can play in the backyard whenever he wants. Our high quality bounce houses are double and quadruple stitched for extra strength. View our full bounce house collection here.

3. Remote Control RC Cars

rc car

X Knight Remote Control RC Car 1:18, just $37.95

RC Cars are an excellent gift for boys. These types of products were very popular when they first came out, lost a bit of steam a few years ago, but are now back to being a super popular gift for boys. They make an excellent gift because they are very affordable, and kids spend a lot of time with their RC cars. This is the type of gift that will not get old and is sure to be used a lot by the recipient. View our full collection for RC products here.

4. Segway Hoverboards 

segway hoverboard scooter

High-Tech Black Segway Electric Scooter Hoverboard with Handle, starting at just $474.17

Last but not least is our exclusive segway hoverboards. For our store, this has been the #1 gift for kids (although they can be for teens & adults as well). These upgraded segways include bluetooth speakers, LED lights, two keys & more. They are such a great item because they have excellent turn ability and even can perform full 360 degree spins. These segways are certainly a top gift for him this Christmas. You can view our full segway collection here.


Christmas 2018 will certainly be an exciting one. There are many different types of gifts to give your kids. Four of the best types of gifts are big & giant stuffed animals, bounce houses, RC cars, & Way Up Gifts' exclusive segway hoverboards. We hope this list has inspired your shopping and hope to connect with you soon!
  • William Foster
Introducing the Bigger & Better Segway Hoverboard Alternative Model

Introducing the Bigger & Better Segway Hoverboard Alternative Model

The New High-Tech Segway Electric Scooter Hoverboard with Handle w/ 10.5 Inch Tires

We are proud to announce that we have a new & upgraded version of our highly demanded segway electric scooters (alternative to the Segway brand). Our customers have raved about the original 10 inch tire version, and the new 10.5 inch version is even more improved. If you are reading this and already know you want one, you can skip this reading and view our full collection of segway electric scooters here. In this article, we will briefly go over this new segway and provide some pictures displaying this amazing new product.

A Bigger & Better Segway Model

segway electric scooter hoverboard

10.5 Inch Black Version w/ LED Lights, Just $544.17

As you can see from the picture of our black version above, this segway electric scooter is crafted to be more durable, bigger, and better than any previous version. With huge 10.5 inch tires, this segway allows the rider to smoothly cruise over large bumps and other objects with ease. With a thicker handle, larger frame, and both wider and longer base, this segway is our most durable. Its hoverboard-influenced style allows the rider to complete more precise turns and even full 360 degree spins. This segway is truly a beautiful performing machine.

Unique Colors/Designs & Tires

segway electric scooter hoverboard

10.5 Inch Blue Camo Version w/ LED Lights, Just $544.17

Along with being bigger & more durable, this new version of the segway electric scooter hoverboard includes higher-performing LED lights that really catches the attention of onlookers. The designs follow the same general designs as our 10 inch models, and we also added a new "lava" red and black model to our offerings. While the 10 inch tire models have regular silver rims/wheels, one very cool thing about the 10.5 inch tire segways is that they include a design/color covering on the rims/wheels as seen in the blue camo version above. This adds style to the segway that is unmatched by any other competing product.

8-9% the Price of Segway Brand Models

In this blog that we wrote two days ago, we compared the cheapest Segway brand model available that includes handle bars to the alternative models we sell at Way Up Gifts. We showed you that our models are less than 10% the price of their models. With this upgraded version, these segway hoverboards are high performing machines that some even enjoy more than Segway brand models, which many find are more boring.

In Sum

Again, we are extremely excited about offering this new & upgraded version of our segway electric scooter. These unique hoverboard-influenced segways are one of our most highly demanded items & for good reason. As the Christmas season is almost in full swing, this product is an absolute must have for kids to adults alike. We are currently offering these 10.5 inch segway electric scooters at deep discounts so get one while they are still available! We hope to connect with you soon.

  • Adam Polinak