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Free Shipping $99+
Free Shipping $99+


Orders and Payments


I received a damaged, defective, or incorrectly personalized item(s).

Contact with at least 1 detailed photograph and/or video within 14 days of the shipment delivery date. Once the issue is confirmed, we will reship a brand new item or replacement part(s).

I would like to return an item(s).

Please see our refund policies page for full information on the policies and procedures of returns.

I have not received tracking information.

We try our best to have products shipped out within 1-4 business days. If you did not receive an order confirmation email, you may have input the incorrect email at checkout. If that is the case, contact customer support at

What is the shipping time for my product?

Please see our shipping policies page for full information on the shipping times of our products.

I only received part of my order.

Your order may have been shipped in multiple packages. Please check all tracking numbers received in the shipment confirmation e-mail(s). If you are still having trouble locating the other package(s), email customer support at

How do I track my LED neon sign or custom wood sign order?

- LED Products

Track your order using the SF Express tracking number in your shipment email at (the carrier's website) or for tracking numbers that begin with "4PX". The package will be handed off to USPS or UPS once it arrives in the US for final delivery. Once it has arrived or is close to arriving in the US you will see an updated "Agent tracking number" on the Track Me Easy tracking page that can also be tracked at or

- All Other Products

All other products are shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx. Simply track your order at the specified carrier's website using the tracking number sent via your shipment email.

Under the refund policy, are there any reasons that a return would not be accepted and refunded?

Yes there are some reasons. 

If the return is packaged improperly so that the sign is damaged.  For example, the cord and plug or the metal hanger wire is left loose against the plastic panel and causes scratches on the panel. 

Returns are required to be in the same packaging and all items must be included. If the foam packaging has been discarded, wrap everything securely in more than one layer of bubble wrap.  Mark the box FRAGILE.  Make sure the sign and parts are not loose inside the box.

Certain signs are not eligible for refunds as follows:

  • Personalized signs that are not defective or damaged.
  • Signs that have been purchased and used for an event or holiday, and such event or holiday is over, whether or not it still looks new and unused.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Google Pay & Apple Pay.

Product-Category Specific

LED Products

What Technology Is Used For Your LED Neon Signs?

The signs are made with LED lighting in two different types as follows:

Engraved Type.

These signs are the majority shown on our website.  They come on acrylic panels that are engraved with the script.  There is a compartment at the top the houses LED lights.  The engraving on the panels is illuminated by the LED lights.  We can make custom ones with practically any diagram and script. 

Tube Type.

These signs are made with colored flex-silicone tubes.  The tubes are illuminated with LED lighting inside the tubes.  These signs are brighter than the engraved type and more closely resemble an actual neon sign.  These signs are sold in our “Ultra-Bright” and “Flex-Silicone” categories.  We can make custom signs for customs if existing ones on the website do not meet needs. 

Our signs run off electricity and require an electrical outlet or electrical power strip.  They are for inside use and are not water-proof or water-resistant. 

Further information exists on other FAQs related to sign specifics.

For the tube-style signs, what is the difference between the “*Ultra-Bright” and the “Flex-Silicone” signs?

These two types of signs are exactly the same except for the following differences:

  1. Ultra-Bright
  • These signs are only above 16” wide
  • The plug is a regular electric plug same as a lamp
  • There is a remote control for the on/off function
  1. Flex-Silicone
  • These signs are only 16” wide or less
  • These signs have a USB plug, and no on/off switch

Both of these signs are appropriate for daytime viewing from business windows.  Custom designs are available per your personal preferences/design.

Is there a way to increase the visibility of my 3D-engraved sign?

For some increased visibility, attach a thin, dark (black) backing onto the sign for increased brightness. This applies to single color signs. Dual-color signs (signs with two colors) now include black backing material with each order.

How do I personalize my sign?

For personalized LED neon signs, you will see text boxes near the add to cart button for you to add personalization info. Type your personalized info just as you would like it to read. For example, use all capital letters if desired, and also include an 's or s' at the end if you want the word to show possession.

Does Way Up Gifts sell replacement LED light sets?

Yes, instead of ordering a whole new sign, you can order replacement LED light sets from us.

Personalized & Engraved Gifts

How do I personalize an item?

Enter desired personalization into the text box(es) found just above the "add to cart" button on the product page.

Can I change the font on a personalized item?

For some items, customers are able to choose from a variety of fonts using a dropdown menu. However, most items are personalized/engraved in only a single font, which is shown in the picture.

How many characters can I personalize my item with?

Character limits are limited in each text box to the correct amount, so you do not need to worry about typing in too many characters. Note that anything you can type with a keyboard including spaces count as characters.