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The Safety of Rocking Horses

The Safety of Rocking Horses

Worried about the Safety of a Rocking Horse?

Rocking horses can be an extremely fun ride on toy for children. They can spend hours playing and rocking on these specialized items. However, not all rocking horses are the same and if not built correctly, they can actually be quite dangerous for children. In this article, we will explore the potential dangers of rocking horses and introduce the ideal type, which are plush rocking horses.

If you already know you are interested in a plush rocking horse, view our collection here. Otherwise, continue reading.

Say No to the Traditional Wooden Rocking Horse

Wood rocking horses are more dangerous for the following reasons:

1. Splinters

If not finished correctly, wooden rocking horses have the potential to cause splinters in young children. This is especially important if considering a handmade rocking horse, like those on Etsy. It is our recommendation to stay away from these types of rocking horses because they can have inefficiencies, which can cause splinters and also cuts if the wood is not finished 100% perfectly.

2. Harder Material

Another reason wood rocking horses should be a thing of the past is simply because they are too hard. They are uncomfortable to ride for children and whether they are on it or not, if they fall and hit themselves on the wooden rocking horse, they can hurt themselves.

3. Straight Edges

Naturally, wooden rocking horses must have straight and firm edges. This creates a design that is uncomfortable and can also be dangerous. If a child hits themselves on one of the straight edges, it can hurt and cause them to injure themselves.

Say Hello to the Plush Rocking Horse

For all of the above reasons, wood rocking horses can be dangerous. However, plush rocking horses do not have any of those dangers that wooden rocking horses have. Plush rocking horses are extremely comfortable for children. You do not have to worry about them bumping their arms or falling and hurting themselves. Well, this is at least true for our unique plush rocking horses here at Way Up Gifts because each one comes with a seatbelt for safe riding. You can view this collection here.

Plush rocking horses are not only safe, but they allow the designer to create amazing designs. For example, we have plush rocking horses that are designed to look like lions, dragons, cows, pandas and more. You simply cannot create a rocking horse with these types of amazing and fun designs. They are both more attractive to look at and better for children to ride on in every way.


If you are in the market for a rocking horse, it is important to stay away from wooden rocking horses. They are dangerous because they can cause splinters, are made out of a hard material, and have straight edges. On the other hand, plush rocking horses are the way of the future. These safe and extremely comfortable rocking horses are the best type of rocking horse for your children. Available in a variety of designs and built with safety in mind, these are the ideal ride on toy for your children. If you are interested in some of the safest plush rocking horses that are also very attractive, you can view our collection here. Happy hunting!

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