Shipping & Delivery

Expected delivery dates are as follows (from order date):

Personalized gifts (excl. LED signs)

 USA (lower 48 states only)     6-15 days
Everywhere Else     N/A no international shipping

Soaps by Lainie

 USA     5-10 days
  10-25 days
Everywhere Else  
  15-40 days

Handcrafted LED Neon Light Signs


24x16in, 16x24in  
  12-18 days
16x12in, 12x16in, 12x8in, 8x12in  
  20-30 days

International (All Sizes)

 CANADA, UK, AU     20-45 days
Everywhere Else     25-60 days

Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

 USA     20-40 days
  25-45 days
Everywhere Else  
  25-60 days

Other items

Miscellaneous items shipping times vary. See product page for estimated delivery.


NOTE: Covid-19 has caused certain items to be delayed more than usual. Please be advised that delivery may take longer at this time.

Our USA partners include personalized gifts, Soaps by Lainie, and miscellaneous items. Our international partners include LED neon light signs, stuffed animals, and miscellaneous items.

Expected delivery dates are best estimates based on previous orders and do not represent a guarantee.