Unique & Affordable Gifts, Home Goods & Neon Signs

Unique & Affordable Gifts, Home Goods & Neon Signs

Most of our blogs & articles to this point have focused on one specific product and how it can improve one's life, business, and connections with family. However, we never really went over and discussed the general attributes and qualities of some of the most popular unique & affordable gifts, home goods & neon signs Way Up Gifts sells. In this article, we will touch on our current hot products and describe them briefly but in detail. We hope this gives our audience more of an idea of what our unique products are all about.

Segways & Electric Scooters

One of the main reasons we decided to add segways and electric scooters to our catalog is because they are great for making connections between family members & friends and sharing good times and memories. Our unique segways are designed to be the most affordable, yet useful segways on the market. They are perfect for so many different scenarios and are an excellent gift. We also recently added the Commuter Scooter to our collection of electric scooters for those that want an advanced way to travel around town or the neighborhood.

Lite Signs™ Neon Signs

Ideal for business & home our Lite Signs™ neon signs are one of our top products and have built and excellent reputation with our customers. This unique signs are the perfect combination of an LED sign and a neon sign. They are designed with bright LED lights in various neon light colors. We have many predesigned signs for businesses and homes as well as unique personalized designs to choose from. Or create your very own custom neon sign. You can read about the perfect size for your home or business as well as our lifetime warranty in this article.

Remote Control RC Toys

We also carry an excellent selection of remote control RC toys. We carry RC cars, RC trucks, RC tanks, drones, and helicopters. We are one of the only carriers of these unique RC products and offer them at very affordable prices. Our main selection is a variety of RC cars that are a lot of fun for kids to teens and even adults that enjoy having a good time. Our remote control RC products come in a variety of sizes, styles, speeds and more so you are bound to find one that meets your needs.

Personalized Gifts

We work with a very high quality personalized gifts provider than engraves, personalizes, and embroiders items right here in the USA. This selection has  a large variety of customized gifts so you will find the right one for everyone on your list. Not only are personalized gifts one of the top gifts to give, they are also very affordable and arrive in just 5-8 business days from the date of order.

Bamboo Furniture

You can read about why bamboo furniture is preferred by many over wood furniture in this article. Although our collection is still growing, we have a very unique and high quality collection of bamboo furniture to choose from include coffee tables, nightstands, cabinets & more. Adding a touch or more of bamboo furniture can really improve any home decor.

Round Area Rugs

Way Up Gifts does not settle for average. That is why our unique collection of round area rugs are some of the best quality rugs out there. They have durable edges and skid-free bottoms, among other important attributes. Available in a variety of sizes, designs & colors, you are sure to find a round area rug that meets your needs.

Bounce Houses & Water Slides

Inflatable bouncy castles and slides can contribute to some of the most fun times a child has. They are perfect for parents that think they have run out of things to occupy their child's time. Our collection of bounce houses is sourced from one of the top manufacturers and come in a variety of unique designs that would make anyone with kids jealous.

Giant Stuffed Animals

Giant stuffed animals are not just for carnivals and amusement parks. Why? Because we have them here at amazing prices at The Discount Mall! These large and oversized stuffed animals can truly bring a sense of happiness into your children's life.

DIY Dollhouse Kits

An amazing gift for her, with one of our DIY Dollhouse Kits, she will be able to create her dream home and explore her creativity. Simply purchase one of our kits, have some glue, and get to work on an exciting and rewarding DIY project. These affordable DIY Dollhouse kits to build come in a variety of designs so there is sure to be on that sparks her imagination.

Plush Rocking Horses

Although we have some bias, our customers have proven that our plush rocking horses are the top rocking horses on the market. These extremely comfortable and safe ride on toys have greatly improved upon the traditional wooden rocking horse. Fit with seatbelts and comfortable material, your child will spend hours riding on their new toy!

Dog Throw Pillows

Looking for the perfect affordable gift for a dog lover? Check out our dog throw pillows. Not to be confused with a throw pillow for a dog, these are simply throw pillows for couches with pictures of your favorite dog on the front. A simple, cheap, and very useful gift.

More to Come!

Our vision for our relatively new company is not nearly reached. We have sourced and brought a great variety of unique and affordable gifts, home goods, and neon signs to our customers, but there are so many more one-of-a-kind items out there that we want our customers to experience. Even currently, we are considering a variety of new products that may appear on our website soon so stay in touch with our social media for these updates! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our products, and we hope to connect with you soon.

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