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Bounce House Safety and Tips for Buying

Bounce House Safety, Tips for Buying

Bounce House Safety Tips

If you are thinking about purchasing a bounce house (see our fantastic collection here at Way Up Gifts!), you may be worried about the safety of the large inflatable for children. You may not want to worry about constantly having to supervise them when they are playing on the inflatable playground.

The answer to if inflatable bounce houses are safe for kids or not is that it really depends on the bounce house. Some bounce houses are not really designed specifically with the safety of kids in mind, and that is something that you should certainly look out for when deciding which bounce house to purchase.

Top things to look for in a safe bounce house include:

1. Bounce house material

You should make sure the bounce house is created out of soft material and that it does not have any odd and possibly harder components that could hurt if fallen on. A bounce house should have pictures of all of the sides and views of the inflatable. You should examine the pictures in detail and see if there is any part that a child could fall on that would hurt them.

2. Safety nets/walls

If you are looking for a bounce house for your children, you need to inspect that safety nets and walls of the inflatable to ensure it will protect your children should they accidentally trip or fall while playing. The bounce house should be surrounded by high quality netted walls that still provide visibility. If you are looking for a bounce house that includes a slide, make sure there is no possible way that your child could fall from the slide and get hurt.

3. Size

The bigger the better, right? Well, this is not exactly true when it comes to bounce houses. Typically, the larger the bounce house, the more likely it is that a child could get hurt on it. However, a tiny bounce house is no fun. So, you want to ensure you find the right balance between size and roominess.

4. Visibility

For a bounce house to be safe, you want to make sure that you are able to see your children at all times. Sometimes, bounce houses will have walls that are sold in color and that you can not see through. This is something that you want to look out for.

5. Bounciness

Bounciness is our last thing you want to look out for when buying a bounce house. You do not want a bounce house that will provided high trampoline - like bounces, but you still want the bounce house to be fun for your children. That is why you should ensure it has the perfect amount of bounciness to it. This last factor may be hard to tell through pictures, but typically if it is not made out of trampoline - like material it should be okay, as long as it is bouncy enough.

Bounce Houses that Meet All Safety Standards

If you are still reading, at this point you are likely very interested in purchasing a bounce house for your children. This is a great idea. Bounce houses can provided hours of fun for children and can allow parents some free time to do as they please as they keep an eye on their children.

Bounce houses that meet all of the safety standards above can be hard to come by. Many companies focus just on the excitement factor and not completely on the safety factor. If you are looking for a bounce house that meets all of these standards, you can select one from our largest selection here at Way Up Gifts.

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