How do Our Lite Signs™ Differ From Neon Signs?

Lite Signs vs. Neon Signs

Our world renowned Lite Signs differ from neon tube signs in a few different ways and are an improvement in our opinion. Our Lite Signs (from here on out named 'neon light signs') used LED lights to shine a bright light over an engraved 3D image. The image then lights up brightly to display the beautiful design. These signs are better than neon tube signs in our opinion because first of all, they are extremely lighter. These neon light signs are sleek and very modern looking as well. Not only that, but our neon light signs are transparent and therefore are attractive from every direction. Most of all, our neon light signs are better than neon signs because of their price. Some of our neon light signs are as much as 75% lower than neon tube signs at comparable sizes. They ship for much less also! If you are a business, we recommend purchasing our largest size (24x16 or 16x24) for maximum visibility. And there you have it, a nice comparison between our world renowned neon light signs and neon signs.

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