NEW Larger Sized LED Neon Light Signs (24x16 and 16x24in)

NEW 24x16 and 16x24in LED Signs

Attention! We have just completed the size update to all of our LED neon light signs. This larger size makes it even more ideal for businesses as they are more noticeable and actually even twice the size of our previous larger size which is now the medium (16x12 or 12x16).

We even are selling our personalized LED signs in this size as well. If you really want to wow the recipient (or oneself!) with an amazing, unique gift that really makes a statement this size is for you. This new size will really capture the attention of the room.

Make a Statement

Make a statement at your business, home bar, pool room, den and any other fun place with our new larger size LED signs.

order a custom sign today.

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