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LED Neon Light Sign Sizes Explained

LED Neon Light Sign Sizes Explained

LED Neon Light Sign Sizes Explained

If you are looking to buy one of our innovative LED neon light signs, you are probably wondering what size sign is best for you. We have written on this topic before, but we like to write updated posts every so often because it is such a common and important question.

Small to Big LED Neon Signs

Currently our LED neon signs come in 12x8.5in, 16x12in, and 24x16in. Some designs are in a vertical position rather than landscape and, for these, the size options are 8.5x12in, 12x16in, and 16x24in. This gives are customers 3 size options from small, medium, to large, so they can choose what size works best for them. If you take the total surface area, you should note that in general, the medium size is twice as large as the small sign, and the large size is twice as large as the medium sign. The large sign (24x16 or 16x24) is about 4x the total surface area of the small size (12x8.5 or 8.5x12).

Small LED Neon Signs

We recommend our small (12x8.5in or 8.5x12in) LED signs for those looking to light up part of a room. They will certainly be noticeable (quite noticeable in the dark) and they are also the most affordable option. For businesses, we typically do not recommend our smallest size, especially for windows. We recommend upgrading to one of our larger sizes if you are trying to attract customers from farther away.

Medium LED Neon Signs

For homes and personalized gifts, our medium (16x12 or 12x16in) signs are a great option. Again, they are about twice the overall size of our small size, will be more readable, and will brighten up the room even more. For businesses, our 16x12in and 12x16in are an option for attracting customers for close to medium distances. Think businesses with a lot of foot traffic or where the road is close to the business. For all others, we recommend upgrading to our largest size.

Large LED Neon Signs

If you are looking to really impress your friends or relatives with a stunning display that really captures that attention of the room, our large 24x16in or 16x24in signs are the way to go. They are about 4x the total overall size of our small sign and about twice the overall size of our medium sign. For businesses, this is the most recommended size, as well as the most readable.

Single Color Signs vs. Dual Color Signs

There are slight differences to note when deciding between single color signs (signs with one color only) and our newer and improved dual color signs (signs that include two colors).

It is also important to note that single color signs, along with the option to choose individual single colors, also includes the multi-color option. The multi-color option of our single color signs includes a remote with 20 colors to choose from and include modes that will flash the lights, has brightness adjustment, etc. The multi color does not, however, have the option to display multiple colors at one time. It will only flash individual colors and you can also select any color for it to stay on.

One important difference between our single color signs and our dual color signs is that our single color signs do not include black backing material that will increase brightness. Especially for businesses (not so much when hanging against a wall), you will most likely want to add your own black backing material (such as thick black paper material) to the back of the single color signs to increase visibility.

All of our dual color signs now include black backing material for the optional brighter display.


We hope this article shed some light on the appropriate LED neon light sign size for your home or business and the difference between single color and dual color signs. We look forward to serving you or your business in the near future.

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