NEW! Segways/Electric Scooters

Segways/Electric Scooters For Sale

We are proud to announce another new product line to our store - Segways/Electric Scooters (Hoverboards with handles). These high quality segways are perfect for the beach, the park, a ride around the neighborhood, or a quick shopping trip! These segways charge in only a couple of hours and will last for around 10-12 miles. We have a few different colors and designs to choose from, so you can be sure that they segway you choose is to your liking. These segways make the perfect gift for teens to adults alike! The best part is that they come with an adjustable handle to make it ideal for your height and the segways also have a large weight limit of up to 240 lbs. They also go over 9 mph! Get your segway/electric scooter today for yourself or make it the ultimate gift.

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