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Free Shipping $99+
NEW Smile Rewards and Refer a Friend Program!

NEW Smile Rewards and Refer a Friend Program!

NEW Smile Rewards and Refer a Friend Program!

We are excited to announce a new rewards program we call "Gift Perks" that is currently live for our customers (you can see the sign up form now at the bottom right hand corner of our site on nearly every page)! This will be brief article just to show everyone quickly how you can earn and spend in multiple ways through this new system.

New Refer a Friend Program with Gift Perks

With our Gift Perks, you can now refer friends easily and offer them $5 off any order. If your friend decides to make a purchase, you will then receive $5 off your next order as well.

Other Ways to Earn in the Gift Perks Program

But wait! Referring friends is only one way to earn in the Gift Perks program. You will receive 150 points for signing up, 300 points on your birthday, and 5 points for every $1 spent after signing up.

Ways to Spend in the Gift Perks Program

Quicker than you'd probably expect, you will begin to accumulate points in our program by supporting our company. Thus, we want to return the favor. You can redeem 600 points for a $6 coupon, 1000 points for a $10 coupon, and 2000 points for a $20 coupon.

A Brief Review of Our Affiliate Program (Still Live!)

As you may know, we have had an affiliate program since the beginning of this year and we will continue to do so. This has been mainly directed at bigger website owners that want to share our products or website with their audience. If you are interested in this program instead, or in addition to our Gift Perks program, check out the link "join our affiliate program" in our footer below. You can receive 15% of every purchase that you refer with your affiliate link!

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