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The BEST Custom Neon Signs

The BEST Custom Neon Signs

Way Up Gifts has the BEST Custom Neon Signs

We believe our Lite Signs Custom Neon Signs are the BEST custom neon signs for a few reasons. To begin, it is easily to create your own custom sign with our process. In the custom neon sign listing, you will be able to select from a variety of unique and standard fonts for your light sign. Next, you will be able to type in up to three lines of text and can choose which font you want for each line. If you want different sizes or any other adjustments to the sign, you can make a note of it in the special instructions box in the shopping cart at checkout. Our custom neon signs have received fantastic reviews from nearly every single customer. They are perfect for lighting up your man cave, your bedroom, and for business signs for storefronts. As a matter of fact, custom business signs are the #1 reason that our customers choose our neon signs. Even though we are a gifts store and our name is Way Up Gifts, one of our highest selling products is our neon signs for businesses.

If you want to create a fully custom neon sign, you can do so by also uploading an image to the file uploader in the custom neon sign listing. We can create virtually any custom design that you want, so feel free to upload almost any design. Overall, there are a few reasons why are Lite Signs™ are the best choice for a custom neon sign and we have listed them below.

Why buy a Lite Sign™ Custom Neon Sign?

1. Affordability

2. Slim, modern design

3. Various fonts to choose from

4. Fully custom designs with images

5. Superior LED performance


Our Lite Signs™ are now one of the top selling LED neon signs in the industry and they are beginning to replace the old fashioned neon tube signs. It is likely that you have seen one of our custom neon signs used as a business sign in a storefront before, but may have not even realized it. So many customers are starting to turn to our custom neon signs. We have a contract with our manufacturer and will be the only site you can purchase an authentic and custom Lite Sign™ neon sign. These signs come with a lifetime warranty and are the perfect option as gifts and business signs. If you are looking for a gift neon sign, check out our personalized neon sign collection. As always, happy shopping!

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