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Way Up Gifts Q1 2019 Review

Way Up Gifts Q1 2019 Review

Welcome to the Way Up Gifts Q1 2019 review. Although we provided an update in March, this will give readers a brief overview of our plan for the rest of the year.

To start 2019 off, we have been seeking new & exclusive products to add to our catalog. We have been testing, re-testing, and working with manufacturers to continue to deliver quality products to our customers at deep discounts.

Our Spring Sale, one of our largest of the year, ends on Tuesday, April 23rd (two days from now). We have seen a significant increase in sales compared to this same time last year, prominently from our LED neon light signs, big, giant & unique stuffed animals, and personalized & engraved gifts. These three product categories will remain our core moving forward to the end of the year.

We plan to continue adding new products, yet we will revisit, analyze, and adjust prior products, descriptions and prices to more accurately deliver to our customers what they want... which is, high quality, unique products at deep discounts.

We plan to have sales more often in 2019 than we previously had in 2018. This means BIGGER savings MORE often. If you have not yet joined our newsletter, be sure to do so for important updates and exclusive savings.

We hope you have enjoyed your start to 2019 and we hope to connect with you soon!

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