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PVC Model Toys & Action Figures

NEW! PVC Model Toys & Action Figures

PVC Model Toys & Action Figures are Here

dinosaur model

What are PVC Model Toys & Actions Figures?

lion model toy

PVC model toys and action figures are made out of high quality plastic. Many are hand-painted, and all are designed with toxic-free material. To start, we began with two categories include animal model toys and dinosaur action figures. The majority of these are designed to be ultra-realistic, so much so that they could even be used as a teaching object for young kids. Not only that, but we find that realistic model toys and actions figures brighten a child's imagination and help them learn more about the animal kingdom.

How Big are the Toys?

horse model toy

The toys are designed to be relatively small, so they can be used as action figures for kids in which they can hold them in their hand, typically about the size for one in each hand to play together. They are big enough that the manufacturer is able to add a lot of specific details, yet small enough to play with multiple at one time.

What Types of Model Toys & Action Figures do you Sell?

dinosaur action figure

Currently, we have a variety of animals and dinosaurs. We welcome feedback from our customers and may add even more categories soon - we also plan to expand these two current categories soon as well.


dinosaur model

This was just a brief blog post to make the announcement that we now have a new product category for sale now - animal model toys & dinosaur action figures. We carefully hand selected the items we are selling and are sure you will be very happy with the quality of these new toys. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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