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Premium Kids Snow Racer Sled is Back in Stock for This Upcoming Winter

Premium Kids Snow Racer Sled is Back in Stock for This Upcoming Winter

Premium Kids Snow Racer Sled: Back in Stock

Way Up Gifts is happy to announce that one of our top selling products of Winter 2020 is now back in stock for Winter 2021. This is our premium snow racer sled for kids that includes all the features that make it the most capable and fun sled for children. We only have somewhat of a limited availability and are not sure how long stock will last so if you are interested, we advise to order your sled as soon as possible!

snow racer sled

Premium Features: Steering Wheel & Brakes

What makes this snow racer sled extra awesome is that it includes a steering wheel for children to navigate through the snow. Not only that, but it includes foot brakes for an added safety feature. In addition, the snow racer sled is built to last, but it is also surprisingly lightweight for easy carrying. It is simple to pull the sled through the snow and back up the hill with the included pull rope and carabineer attachment. The snow racer sled is recommended for ages 4+ and is sure to be a child's favorite Christmas present.

premium sled

steering wheel sled


In sum, our top selling snow racer sled is now back in stock for winter 2021. With the premium features this sled has to offer, your child is certain to have a more exciting and safe experience sledding down hills compared to other traditional sleds. With unique features including a steering wheel and foot brakes, your child will navigate through the snow with ease. Purchase your kids snow racer sled today to make your child's winter truly amazing!



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