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Where to Buy Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals You See At Amusement Parks

Where to Buy Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals You See At Amusement Parks

Affordable Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals seen at Amusement Parks, Fairs, & Carnivals

If you have ever been to an amusement park, fair, or carnival, you have certainly seen the giant & jumbo stuffed animals behind the counter of the game stands. For the parents out there, you have likely been begged by your children to win one of these almost-impossible games to win one of these lovely prizes. However, for most of us, we did not succeed in winning one of these animals or simply want to be able to pick and choose from higher quality options. That is why at Way Up Gifts, we offer a large variety of unique giant stuffed animals that are similar to those seen at amusement parks, fairs & carnivals but are of a higher quality.

The Most Popular Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals

1. White Tiger Giant Stuffed Animal

white tiger giant stuffed animal

White Tiger Giant Stuffed Animal, Starting at $99.95

The White Tiger Giant Stuffed Animal is a classic prize that you see at many amusement parks. It is one of our most popular stuffed animals because it is an excellent gift for both boys & girls and white tigers are simply beautiful animals.

2. Whale Shark Large & Giant Stuffed Animal

whale shark giant stuffed animal

Whale Shark Giant Stuffed Animal, Starting at $37.95

The Whale Shark Giant Stuffed Animal is another popular choice. Available in both a large and a giant size, this animal is also a great gift for both boys & girls. Younger children love putting their hands into the mouth of the whale shark.

3. Classic Shark Large Stuffed Animal

Shark Giant Stuffed Animal

Classic Shark Large Stuffed Animal, Starting at $24.95

The Classic Shark Large Stuffed Animal is a great animal that any child will adore. This stuffed animal is also great because if given to a younger child, it can help them become less scared of sharks for times when they go to the beach, for example.

Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals are an Excellent, Unique Gift for Kids

Giant & Jumbo stuffed animals can really increase any gift-giving special occasion. For birthdays, Christmas, or just to randomly surprise your child, giant stuffed animals will not just get the job done, but likely be one of the best gifts your child ever receives. This is because a child can really make a heartwarming connection with a giant stuffed animal that will last for years. Even into adulthood, a child will remember the joy that their giant stuffed animal brought them.


As we have seen, there are options to get your child a giant or jumbo stuffed animal instead of having to win an almost-impossible game at an amusement park, fair, or carnival. At Way Up Gifts, we offer a variety of affordable large stuffed animals that can bring a ton of joy into your child's life. Although amusement park games can be fun to play, they are certainly not the only way to attain an oversized stuffed animal.


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