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Real vs Fake Crocodile, Stingray, Python (Snake) & Ostrich Skin Leather Goods

Real vs Fake Crocodile, Stingray, Python (Snake) & Ostrich Skin Leather Goods 0

Genuine vs Fake Exotic Leather Goods

As you may have seen in a relatively recent blog post, we have added a new collection of genuine exotic leather goods including bags, wallets, purses, briefcases, backpacks & much more for both him & her. These items are all made out of stunning 100% genuine exotic leathers including crocodile, stingray, python (snake) & ostrich skin. The point of this blog post is to go over these different types of leathers and provide examples of what the end product looks like as each leather is unique. Although difficult, we will also explore what to look for when purchasing one of these types of leather goods to ensure you are purchasing an authentic product. We will cover the four major exotic leather types, describing and showing how the leather should look on certain items.

Crocodile Skin Leather Goods

Crocodile Skin Leather Backpack

Handmade Men's Genuine Crocodile Luxury Backpack

The picture above of one of our men's crocodile skin leather backpacks is a good example of what genuine crocodile leather goods look like. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between authentic crocodile leather goods and cow leather goods designed to look like crocodile by just viewing some pictures. That is why we recommend purchasing exotic leather goods from a store you trust or one that has a money back guarantee, such as us here at Way Up Gifts. Genuine crocodile leather goods do look a lot like a real crocodile as you can see in the picture above. Yet, cow leather products can be designed to look very similar as well. Different parts of the crocodile will provide different textures and grooves. The highest quality part of a crocodile is its belly, as crocodile belly skin leather products are typically more expensive. Crocodile skin leather is extremely similar to alligator skin leather, but in our opinion crocodile leather goods are slightly better than alligator leather goods as they simply have a better texture and are more durable. Way Up Gifts has a large variety of crocodile wallets, crocodile briefcases, crocodile purses, crocodile handbags, crocodile backpacks & more for both him & her.

Stingray Skin Leather Goods

Stingray Skin Leather Wallet

Handmade Genuine Stingray "Eye" Wallet

The picture above is a great example of what genuine stingray skin leather goods look like. Stingray skin has a compact dotted texture that is very unique and comfortable to the touch. Typically, you will not see as many unauthentic stingray skin leather products (cow leather that looks like stingray) as you will with crocodile and alligator leather products. But again, you should still purchase a stingray product from a website you can trust or one that has a money back guarantee like us here at Way Up Gifts. Unlike crocodile leather goods, the skin from stingrays used to make leather goods is generally all the same quality and there is really no "premium" part of a stingray like a crocodile's belly. Way Up Gifts has a large variety of stingray wallets, stingray briefcases, stingray purses, stingray handbags & more for both him & her.

Python (Snake Skin) Leather Goods

Python Skin Leather Purse

Handmade Genuine Python Clutch Envelope Purse

The picture above is a great example of what genuine python (snake skin) leather goods look like. Python skin has very distinct patterns and is easier to tell if it is genuine or not by examining the good in person rather than through pictures. There are more unauthentic python skin leather products (cow leather that looks like python) than stingray but a bit less than crocodile and alligator leather products. If interested in purchasing a good made from this type of exotic leather, you should certainly purchase it from a website you can trust or one that has a money back guarantee like us here at Way Up Gifts. Like stingray skin, the skin from pythons used to make leather goods is generally all the same quality and there is really no "premium" part like a crocodile's belly. Way Up Gifts has a large variety of python wallets, python purses, python handbags, & more for both him & her.

Ostrich Skin Leather Goods

Ostrich Skin Leather Tote Bag

Handmade Genuine Ostrich Tote Bag

The picture above is a great example of what genuine ostrich skin leather goods look like. Ostrich skin has very distinct pattern of dots that are spread far apart compared to stingray skin. Ostrich skin leather goods may be one of the hardest types of exotic leather to tell if it is fake or not as the pattern is generally pretty easy to replicate with cow leather. If interested in purchasing an ostrich skin leather product, you should certainly purchase it from a website you can trust or one that has a money back guarantee like us here at Way Up Gifts. Like stingray & python skin, the skin from ostrich used to make leather goods is generally all the same quality and there is really no "premium" part like a crocodile's belly. However, all ostrich skin leather goods are considered premium. Way Up Gifts has a growing variety of ostrich wallets, ostrich purses, ostrich handbags, & more for both him & her.

Putting it All Together

Crocodile, stingray, python (snake) & ostrich skin leather goods are some of the best types of gifts to give or an excellent way to reward oneself. In this article, we showed you how these four types of leathers should look and described them in brief detail. Yet, one can never really be 100% sure they are receiving an authentic leather good since all of these types of leathers can be replicated closely with other leathers, most prominently cow leather. Thus, you should always purchase one of these types of exotic leather goods from a store you trust or one that has a money back guarantee. If interested in 100% genuine crocodile, stingray, python, and/or ostrich skin leather goods, check out our amazing collections here. All leather goods are guaranteed authentic, or your money back. We hope to connect with you soon!

  • Adam Polinak
A Single Gift Shop for Everyone on Your List in Minutes

A Single Gift Shop for Everyone on Your List in Minutes 0

Get Gifts for Everyone on Your List Quickly from One Shop

This article about our store, Way Up Gifts, is meant for those that like to get there shopping done as quickly as possible. Whether you are looking for gifts for everyone on your list as the title suggests, or just one person, this article is for you. We felt that this is a timely article as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and eventually the holiday season arrives. We will show you that you can purchase all of the gifts you need for everyone on your list at Way Up Gifts.

Gifts for Newborns to Grandparents: Personalized Gifts

Personalized Football Height Chart

Personalized Football Height Chart, $28.99

With just one of our product categories, you will likely find something for anyone on your list. This category is our wonderful collection of personalized gifts. For example, we have personalized height charts for newborns, office supplies for the student, engraved mugs and tumblers for adults & grandparents, and much more. Best of all, these personalized and engraved gifts arrive in just 5-8 business times from the date of order.

Gifts for Kids & Teens: Segways & RC Toys

Everest High-Tech 10 inch Wheel Blue Camo Segway Electric Scooter Hoverboard with Handle

Everest High-Tech Segway Electric Scooter, $484.17

Our collection of Everest High-Tech Segways and Remote Control RC toys (RC cars, RC trucks, drones & more) are the ideal gift to get your children outside and playing. These affordable gifts make the ideal gift for young ones, especially those that find themselves stuck behind a screen most of the day. You can read about how these two types of products can help you raise a more active child in our article here.

Gifts for Adult Men & Women: Handcrafted Exotic Leather Goods

Crocodile Skin Leather Wallet

Men's 100% Genuine Crocodile Skin Leather Wallet, $257.17

Our collection of exotic leather goods including goods handcrafted from crocodile skin leather, python (snake skin), ostrich leather, stingray skin leather & more are the ideal gifts for adults. We carry exotic leather wallets, briefcases backpacks & more for him and purses, handbags, backpacks & more for her.

Many, Many More Gifts at Way Up Gifts!

This short article was just a slight glimpse as to the types of products that Way Up Gifts offers. If you want a quick shopping experience for everyone on your list, you are sure to accomplish this goal with us. We hope you enjoyed this article, and look forward to connecting with you soon.

  • Adam Polinak
What Color Neon Sign is Right for Your Home or Business

What Color Neon Sign is Right for Your Home or Business 0

Deciding on What Color Neon Sign is The Best

Neon signs are an excellent choice for both businesses and homes. Businesses can use them to attract and communicate with customers while home owners can use them for decoration and to express their personality. However, neon signs can come in almost any color, so you may be wondering which color neon sign is right for you and if there are any things you should consider before buying. In this article, we will go over things to consider regarding the color of a neon sign for both businesses and homes.

Neon Signs for Bedrooms, Man Caves & Home Decor

love life neon sign

14"x9" Love Life Neon Sign, $144.95

If you are thinking about purchasing a neon sign to create a unique home decor, you have made an excellent decision. Neon signs can enhance a bedroom, make a man cave come alive, or decorate virtually any other room you desire.

When it comes to the color you choose, neon signs for homes have less of an importance than neon signs for businesses. This is because neon signs for homes are almost always placed against a wall, while neon signs for businesses are typically placed in a window. Businesses may be concerned about the brightness of the color they choose, but because neon signs for homes are placed against a background (the wall), the color will almost always shine brightly.

The one thing you may want to consider, however, is how the neon sign's color will contrast with the color of the wall it is being placed on. For example, a white neon sign can still work against a white wall, but it may be less clear compared to if it was placed on a dark-colored wall. To create a visually attractive display, you should ensure the color of the neon sign and the color of the wall it will be placed on have some contrast. The main concern, as we mentioned, is having the same color neon sign against the same color wall. This will likely create a less visually attractive display, and it will make it less clear.

Other than what we have just mentioned and because we already explained the background of the wall will typically improve the brightness of the sign, you cannot usually go wrong with any color neon sign for a home. So, just ensure the color is not the same as the wall, and any sign will almost always end up improving and enhancing a bedroom, man cave, or other room.

Neon Signs for Businesses

Breakfast Neon Sign

17"x14" Breakfast Neon Sign, $199.95

If you are a business owner or employee searching for a neon sign, there is likely more important factors you want to consider than a neon sign for a home. This is because businesses need to be concerned about attracting customers to their store and ensuring their customers will see the neon sign.

Our typical recommendation is to not choose a very light color such as white or yellow if you are using the sign a lot in the daytime in a window. This is because darker colors such as red will allow customers to read the neon sign from farther distances. One thing you can also consider is to get a neon sign that flashes colors or can switch between multiple colors via a controller, such as our multicolor Lite Sign Neon Signs.

If you are using a neon sign against a wall, you can review our recommendation for neon signs for homes above as the same idea applies. In short, any color will work well but you may want to stay away from a neon sign color that is the same color as the wall. A contrast between the sign and the wall color is recommended.

Lite Signs Neon Signs for Business & Home

Lite Signs™ Neon Sign

Personalized Lite Sign Neon Sign, Starting at $27.95

A unique option that is more affordable, durable & modern than a typical neon sign is our Lite Signs Neon Signs. These signs combine LED light bulbs with neon colored lights over a 3D image to create a stunning display. They improve upon traditional neon signs in many ways. They are available in over 1,500 designs and you can also create a custom sign.

Yet, if you are looking for a traditional neon tube sign, these may be slightly brighter than Lite Signs™ due to the nature of the neon tubes, and you can also find regular neon signs in our store by using the search bar.

Putting it All Together

As we have seen, neon signs are an excellent choice for both businesses and homes. If you are wondering about what sign is right for you, there are just a few simple things to consider. If you are placing the sign against a wall, you may want a sign that has a color that at least slightly contrasts with the wall behind it. If you are a placing a sign in a window, you may want to stay away from light colors like white or yellow and choose a darker color like red, especially if you are using the sign in the daytime. For an interesting alternative to traditional neon signs, check out our exclusive Lite Signs Neon Signs. You can also find traditional neon tube signs on our site using the search bar. We hope you enjoyed the article and look forward to connecting with you soon!

  • Adam Polinak
New Product Line: 100% Genuine Exotic Leather Goods

New Product Line: 100% Genuine Exotic Leather Goods 0

Leather Goods Including Crocodile, Python, Snake, Ostrich, Stingray & More

We are proud to announce that we have already begun adding products to our new product line of exotic leather goods. We will now be carrying unique leather goods for both him & her. We have sourced these authentic products from craftsman in the USA & Thailand to offer them at some of the lowest prices available on the net. To name a few, some of these exotic leather goods that we will be adding include wallets, purses, handbags, backpacks, briefcases, belts & much more. In this article, we will briefly explore this new product line.

Handcrafted Exotic Leather Goods from the Source

Mens Crocodile Wallet

Men's Crocodile Skin Leather Bifold Wallet, $177.17

Because we have sourced these products directly or nearly directly from the craftsmen themselves, we are able to offer 100% authentic exotic leather goods at some of the lowest prices available. The goods we will be carrying are not made in giant factories. For example, our exotic crocodile leather goods are handcrafted from cultured crocodile raised in an environment designed for creating these amazing luxury goods.

A Variety of Exotic Leather Goods

As we mentioned above, some of the leather goods we will be carrying are extremely exotic. You may have come across crocodile leather goods before. However, what you may not know is that many of these goods are actually just textured cow leather marketed as the real thing. Ours are 100% completely authentic. In addition to crocodile, we will be carrying stingray skin leather goods, ostrich skin leather goods, snake skin leather goods, python skin leather goods & more. We are very excited about this unique variety we have been able to add to our catalog.

Exotic Leather Goods for Him & Her

crocodile evening purse

Women's Crocodile Leather Skin Evening Purse, $941.12

Another reason we are so excited about this new product line is because they are an amazing and unique gift for both him & her. As we mentioned, the leather goods we will be adding will include products for both him & her including wallets, belts, briefcases, purses, tote bags, handbags & more. The products are great for men and women of nearly any age (well, possibly except for children). The recipient is sure to be blown away by the 100% authentic and genuine exotic leather that the products are handcrafted from.

View our Amazing, Growing Collection of Exotic Leather Goods

You can find our full collection of exotic leather goods here. At the time of this post, we have just begun adding crocodile leather goods. We still have more crocodile goods to add in addition to all of the other exotic leather goods, so we are not nearly finished. You can expect our full collection of these types of amazing gifts to be up near the end of this month. We know you will enjoy these amazing new products we are adding and hope to connect with you soon!

  • Adam Polinak
Two Simple Ideas for an Upscale, Modern Home Decor

Two Simple Ideas for an Upscale, Modern Home Decor 0

Two Affordable Decor Ideas for a Fancier, More Modern Home

Many of us want a home decor that will look luxurious and impress guests when we invite them over. However, most people also do not want to spend a very large amount of money to accomplish this. That is why in this article we will explore two unique home decor ideas that are sure to make your home look and feel more upscale and modern in a simple way.

Upscale Decor Does Not Have to Be Pricey

With the many different types of home decor ideas out there, you are sure to find some unique decor that upgrades the decor of a home but does not come with a high price tag. At the same time, you want to ensure that the products are of high quality so simply searching for the cheapest decor ideas to really get a fancy, modern decor may not be the best way to go about things. The two types of products listed below are certainly affordable, and the high quality materials they are made out of will truly upgrade a home immensely.

1. Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture

Bamboo furniture is our first product category that can truly transform a home with an upscale and modern feel. Although bamboo furniture is typically slightly higher in cost than most regular wood furniture, the benefits and decor enhancements this type of decor provides is completely worth it. You can read more about the bamboo furniture vs wood furniture comparison in our article here to find out the benefits of bamboo furniture. As the photo above shows, bamboo furniture simply is more elegant and will provide your home with a more modern feel than wood furniture. This type of decor really enhances a home with a noticeable and immediate effect. 

2. High Quality, Unique Round Area Rugs

round area rug

High quality and unique round area rugs are our second product type on the list. If you are really after one of the most affordable ways to upgrade the decor of a home, a modern round area rug may be right for you. This is because adding one of these large rugs to any home can completely transform the mood and feel of the room greatly in and of themselves. A recommendation for adding a modern decor is to think about buying a round area rug from the category "geometric & abstract". These types of stylish rugs are great for an edgy, modern decor and the high quality materials they are made out of will add to the upscale feel of the room.


If you are looking to create a more upscale and modern decor to your home, there are certainly a variety of ways to do so. In this article, we took a look at two of the most popular types of home decor products that will accomplish your goal. These two types of home decor goods include bamboo furniture and unique and high quality round area rugs. Adding one or both of these types of products to your home will certainly create a fancier, modern look and feel. Happy hunting!




  • Adam Polinak
Where to Buy Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals You See At Amusement Parks

Where to Buy Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals You See At Amusement Parks 0

Affordable Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals seen at Amusement Parks, Fairs, & Carnivals

If you have ever been to an amusement park, fair, or carnival, you have certainly seen the giant & jumbo stuffed animals behind the counter of the game stands. For the parents out there, you have likely been begged by your children to win one of these almost-impossible games to win one of these lovely prizes. However, for most of us, we did not succeed in winning one of these animals or simply want to be able to pick and choose from higher quality options. That is why at Way Up Gifts, we offer a large variety of unique giant stuffed animals that are similar to those seen at amusement parks, fairs & carnivals but are of a higher quality.

The Most Popular Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals

1. White Tiger Giant Stuffed Animal

white tiger giant stuffed animal

White Tiger Giant Stuffed Animal, Starting at $99.95

The White Tiger Giant Stuffed Animal is a classic prize that you see at many amusement parks. It is one of our most popular stuffed animals because it is an excellent gift for both boys & girls and white tigers are simply beautiful animals.

2. Whale Shark Large & Giant Stuffed Animal

whale shark giant stuffed animal

Whale Shark Giant Stuffed Animal, Starting at $37.95

The Whale Shark Giant Stuffed Animal is another popular choice. Available in both a large and a giant size, this animal is also a great gift for both boys & girls. Younger children love putting their hands into the mouth of the whale shark.

3. Classic Shark Large Stuffed Animal

Shark Giant Stuffed Animal

Classic Shark Large Stuffed Animal, Starting at $24.95

The Classic Shark Large Stuffed Animal is a great animal that any child will adore. This stuffed animal is also great because if given to a younger child, it can help them become less scared of sharks for times when they go to the beach, for example.

Giant & Jumbo Stuffed Animals are an Excellent, Unique Gift for Kids

Giant & Jumbo stuffed animals can really increase any gift-giving special occasion. For birthdays, Christmas, or just to randomly surprise your child, giant stuffed animals will not just get the job done, but likely be one of the best gifts your child ever receives. This is because a child can really make a heartwarming connection with a giant stuffed animal that will last for years. Even into adulthood, a child will remember the joy that their giant stuffed animal brought them.


As we have seen, there are options to get your child a giant or jumbo stuffed animal instead of having to win an almost-impossible game at an amusement park, fair, or carnival. At Way Up Gifts, we offer a variety of affordable large stuffed animals that can bring a ton of joy into your child's life. Although amusement park games can be fun to play, they are certainly not the only way to attain an oversized stuffed animal.


  • Adam Polinak
Two Popular Gifts for Raising a More Active Son

Two Popular Gifts for Raising a More Active Son 0

Two Hot Products for Boys to Get Them Outside

For most parents, we grew up in a much different world than our kids full of outside activity and playing with friends. However, in today's technologically advanced world, most kids can be found inside playing on their computer or sitting in front of video games for hours. It can be challenging to raise a more active and healthy child that enjoys spending more time outside than in front of a screen. That is why we created this article especially for parents that wish for their children to get outside and play more often.

1. Segways


Way Up Gifts hot selling segway, $399.95

Segways are an ideal gift for boys to get them outside and play with others. However, most can be quite expensive. That is why our unique segways, are meant especially for those that do not have very high budgets.

Although segways by themselves will not all of a sudden create the healthiest child in the world, they will actually aid in the process and get your child outside. Although they are a perfect gift by themselves, segways will help a child connect with their friends, especially if they have a couple and can ride together with a friend or if they get outside with a friend that has another form of transportation such as a scooter. A segway will allow a child or teen to travel around the neighborhood with friends leading to different activities. In addition, although they are not the most strenuous activity, balancing and maneuvering around on our segways increases child activity while traveling to new local places for adventures. For example, if a child wants to meet up with friends to play basketball at a local park, they may be more inclined to do so if they have a fun way to get there. A segway is something that will certainly aid in the process of getting your boy outside and getting into new activities.

2. RC Cars

RC Car

Supersonic RC Monster Truck, $44.95

RC cars are an excellent way for a child to get outside and become more active. Although you may not realize it because they are remote controlled, RC cars can highly increase a child or teen's activity. This is because you will find them running after the cars to get them through obstacles and around different places, especially if you purchase a faster and high quality car. Not only that, but boys love taking their RC cars to local places such as parks which will get them outside and lead to other activities.

RC cars are also great for a child to make new friends and connect more with current ones. This is because RC cars are great for racing against each other or even for sharing by taking turns using the RC product. You will also not find an unhappy child playing with an RC car. They bring a ton of fun and excitement into a child's life.


Getting your son outside and being more active is very challenging in today's day and age. However, there are two hot gifts that will get them outside, help them become more active, and connect with friends. These two products include our segways and RC cars. By just looking at these products at the surface level, one may not realize the amount of activity these products can bring. However, as we have seen in this article, these two hot products are an excellent way to get your child away from the screen and out into the world.

  • Adam Polinak
Bounce House Buying Guide for Damage Concerned Shoppers

Bounce House Buying Guide for Damage Concerned Shoppers 0

Do Bounce Houses Damage Easily? / Bouncy Castle Buying Guide

If you are thinking about buying a bounce house, you have made an excellent decision to potentially bring hours of fun and excitement into your child's life. However, one important thing to be concerned about is whether or not the bounce house you purchase will break, damage, or get holes in it and deflate shortly after you purchase it. This is a very smart concern that many potential buyers have. As a matter of fact, this is certainly something that could be an issue with very cheap bounce houses. But, by reading the tips in this guide, you will learn how to purchase a bounce house that will be free from damage and holes for months and even years to come.

Don't Buy A Bounce House Based Solely on the Price

Searching only for the lowest price possible is not the correct way to go about purchasing a bounce house. This is because truly quality bounce houses take significantly more time, materials, and effort to create. This does not mean you will pay significantly more. Some of the cheapest bounce houses are also some of the highest quality, but going by price alone is not the way to shop for bouncy castles. In the rest of this article, we will explain what else to look for in a bounce house other than just the price.

Ensure the Bounce House Is Double, Triple or even Quadruple Stitched

The stitching on a bounce house is one of the most important factors that determines its durability. Stitching is what connects the different parts of the bounce house together. Like building a brick house, the stronger the pieces are connected together, the stronger the bounce house will be. Many cheap bounce houses out there are only single stitched, meaning they are not connected strongly and are more liable to damage due to even insignificant wear and tear. Double and quadruple stitched bounce houses are the way to go.

Ensure the Bounce House comes with a Repair Kit

Even some of the highest quality bounce houses may damage if not cared for properly. For example, if a sharp object somehow got in contact with a bounce house, it could cause a hole and deflate it. This is a reason why you want to make sure that the bounce house comes with a repair kit. Repair kits typically include small pieces of the same material the bounce house is made of and the correct materials to patch up any holes. If a bounce house does not come with a repair kit, you are typically out of luck if your bounce house is damaged and may not be able to find the right materials to patch it up by searching random stores or even online. All of our bounce houses at Way Up Gifts come with an extensive repair kit.

Putting it All Together

As we previously mentioned, bounce houses are an excellent decision to bring fun and excitement into your child's life. However, it is a smart thing to be concerned about potential damage, holes, and having the bounce house deflate. This is why when searching for a bounce house, you should not go by price alone, but also make sure the bouncy castle is double, triple, and even quadruple stitched and that it comes with a quality repair kit. At Way Up Gifts, we have ensured that all of our bounce houses & water slides meet this criteria and will provide fun and excitement for months and even years to come.

  • Adam Polinak